Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy S4 Owners. Include Specifications, Price List and Latest News Update

Verizon Galaxy S4 available on their network during the month of May

Verizon has confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available on their network during the month of May via Twitter. As we have seen, some US carriers have announced the availability of the Galaxy S4 and they also have opened pre-orders. Even AT&T has announced that the smartphone will be shipped on April 23 and T-Mobile has unveiled an exact launch date for the S4 at May 1.

verizon galaxy s4

As just about every other US carrier has given out release information on their version of the Galaxy S4, it’ nice to see Verizon say somethingĀ  even if it is just the month. With May right around the corner, I’ve a feeling we’ll know more soon.

I remind you that the Verizon Galaxy S4 sports a 5-inch full HD display with Super AMOLED technology, while being powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 600 chipset with 1.9 GHz Krait cores and Adreno 320 GPU, plus 2 GB of RAM, and microSD card slot. The smartphone has all the connectivity features of a modern smartphone like 4G LTE, WiFi in all standards, NFC, infrared port, and Bluetooth 4.0.

Verizon Galaxy S4 Key Feature

  • Quad-core 1.9GHz Krait CPU for fast, efficient asynchronous processing
  • Cat 3 LTE network support
  • Hexagon QDSP6 for ultra-low-power audio and video playback enhancements
  • Enhanced speed Adreno 320 GPU for high-end 3D graphics processing and compute
  • 1080p HD video capture and playback
  • HD multichannel sound with DTS-HD and Dolby Ā® Digital Plus audio
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 conformant

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes pre-loaded with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung Nature UX, while the camera on the back has a 13 megapixel sensor with LED flash, autofocus, and full HD video recording support.

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