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How to Using Air Gesture on Samsung Galaxy S4

using air gesture on samsung galaxy s4Have you ever heard of using air gesture on Samsung Galaxy S4? This gesture will help you to use the phone without touching. As its names, the gesture will be on the air. It means that without tapping the phone, you can do some instruction. It will be a fantastic tip for you.

One of the things that you can use with the air gesture is about the notification. You can now use it to open the information. Another thing that you can do with this air gesture is to answer the call. You will find the tips on how to do both things here.

Using Air Gesture on Samsung Galaxy S4: Open notifications

Before using the air gesture feature that offered by Samsung Galaxy S4, you should enable it. To activate, visit the Settings menu. Then scroll down until you find the menu My Device. Tap it, and you will see many options there. Tap the option Motion and Gestures.

To enable the air gesture, tap options Air Gesture and you switch on the Quick Glance toggle. There will be a trial offer from the phone. Before you practice it, you can use this trial offer.  For using air gesture on Samsung Galaxy S4, you can merely just waving your hand over the phone’s screen. You can do this anytime you want, especially when the phone is lying flat on the surface. Through this air gesture, you will see the notifications such as how many missed calls, messages, and others. You can even see the battery’s life information and inform with this gesture. Such a magic, right?

Answer the Call

Answering the call is easy through the air gesture feature. If the air gesture is off, you can enable it through the same steps that we mentioned above. Make sure you switch the toggle on the Air Call-accept options, right after allowing air gesture.

There will be a trial offer for you to answer the call through this gesture. You can use it whenever the call comes. By swiping your palm over the screen when the call happens, you can speak to the caller.

You can now practice the air gesture anytime you want and use it daily. It will be beneficial, especially when your hand is too dirty to touch the phone.  The using air gesture on Samsung Galaxy S4 tips above will help you when your hand is also full of the document.

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