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Tizen 3.0 running on Samsung Galaxy S4 shows up in Indonesia

Tizen version 3.0 on Samsung Galaxy S4. Tizen Indonesia got nice looking pics above. Tizen 3 scheduled for release in early 2014. And it looks like the OS is going through some serious user interface changes.

Samsung was supposed to launch the first Tizen device this spring, then delayed it until August, and then again postponed the launch to the end of the year. Whether we’ll see it then, or will have to wait until Tizen 3.0 is ready to ship,  is anybody’s guess.

samsung galaxy s4 tizen

For now Tizen is an experiment, a consumer software training ground, and a sort of insurance policy for Samsung now, that both Google and Microsoft are smartphone OEMs too. Even when the first Tizen smartphones ship, they will be very low volume niche devices, and do not expect Samsung to do any serious marketing push for it. Sammy is doing too well with their Galaxy Android phones and will not risk derailing that.

However, Tizen is not only meant to run smartphones, and a later push to smarten the rest of Samsung’s consumer electronics and mobile computing gadgets where Android is not doing to well, is likely.


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