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Tips to change Galaxy S4 lock screen message

Generally, the tag line of Samsung Galaxy S4 is “Life companion.” And also that is a wonderful motto. Although when you are a little tired of viewing that on your smartphone each and every time you turn it on, you are not really alone.

galaxy s4 lock screen message

The good news is, it’s simple and easy to modify. Samsung’s taking benefit of the actual lock display screen widgets on Android 4.2.2 to generate which special introduction, clock and date as immediately as everyone wake the smartphone. Anyone will be able to modify the font, color and size, remove the clock and date if you want or perhaps get rid associated with the widget altogether. The tips below may not in the Galaxy S4 manual, so you can follow this.

A couple methods to change Galaxy S4 lock screen message

  • The long method: Go to Settings>My device>Lock screen>Lock screen widgets. That will acquire you to the actual personalization page.
  • The simple method: Through the lock screen, tap and hold on the “Life companion” line, then drag down. You may now see a little edit icon on the bottom right of the widget, about halfway down the screen. Tap it to go immediately to the actual modification.

And that is it. From there, you may modify the Galaxy S4 lock screen message, modify the font, size and color, or obtain clear of the clock and date if you really want. Or if you want to, you can simply eliminate that widget completely (tap, hold and drag up to “remove”) and use everything other than these.