Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy S4 Owners. Include Specifications, Price List and Latest News Update

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4

Who doesn’t know Samsung? Samsung is the one well-known electronic brand. Samsung already produced a lot of electronic products; such as television, refrigerator, laptop, and smartphones. Samsung can be said as the top brand of gadget since its features.

Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy S4 and it can interest many people to buy it. Do you have this kind of smartphones? Do you want to know the way to do some things with your Samsung Galaxy S4? In this occasion, there will be some ways to do great thing with your worthy gadget.

Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4

Step by Step to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4

If you still get difficulty or confused how to screenshot on your Samsung device, you can learn from here. In fact, there are two ways that can be done to take capture or screenshot. Firstly, you can hold the power button and home button in Samsung Galaxy S4 together. The second way can be done by rub your palm of hand on the screen. For the second way, you have to activate first. To activate it, you can go to settings and choose my device. Next, you have to click motion and gestures then choose palm motion. Don’t forget to switch on the capture screen menu.

The second way is about how to activate the multitasking feature on Samsung Galaxy S4. You obviously like to open and run some applications together, right? In the other word, it may be called as the multitasking activity. Multitasking feature in this smartphone gives you a chance to open two or more applications in the same time. For example, you can browse and check email without difficulty. You just need to hold the back button to trigger the multitasking window that appears in the left side of the screen. Move outside and you can choose the application that you want to open in your Samsung Galaxy S4.

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