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Smarter Samsung Galaxy S4 Keyboard Tips

One of the secrets that not many people know is the Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard tips and trick. Even if you are a Galaxy S4 user, you may have not revealed yet about the secret behind the keyboard. Here, you will get the information about the trick and tips for the keyboard usage.

There are two things that you can do with the keyboard. The first thing is that you can make it smarter. Making it quicker means that it will help you much automatically by the management that you choose. For example, you can create the automatic space for every word that you write.

galaxy s4 keyboard tips

The second thing is to make movable and floating. It is an exciting trick that will attract you. Through this method, you can move the keyboard in the place that you want. For the tips how to both tricks, you can see the information below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Kkeyboard Tips: Smarter Keyboard

Making smarter keyboard will help you much and minimize the energy that you use to type. One thing that you can practice is to make it has automatic space system. Through this function, of course, you will not need to press the space button.

This Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard tricks will begin with the step of heading to the Setting menu and directly to the keyboard options. But you can also do it through the Messages menu to have the keyboard access. Open the New Message option to make the keyboard appears. Once you have access to the keyboard, do long press the button on the left of the spacebar. Make sure you see the Setting cog that has the gear symbol. Tap it, and you will see the setting options.

You can choose some of the options by full the box. As an example for the automatic space, you can thick the Auto Space option. Once you enable it, you can write faster without thinking about the space. It will save your time.

Movable Keyboard

The next Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard tips are making a portable or floating keyboard. To do this, do long press the button on the left side of the spacebar. Tap the option that has the two keyboards icon. It’s usually on the right bottom, near the gear symbol option. Once you tap it, you can move it anywhere to suit your need.

With the smart tips for the keyboard usage, you can now efficiently use the keyboard for texting. These Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard tips definitely will help you to minimize the writing time.

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