Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy S4 Owners. Include Specifications, Price List and Latest News Update

Samsung Galaxy S4 drop test, How the Result

The most recent flagship smartphone in the South Korean manufacturer has become available around the world and also the device continues to be the talk from the town since its announcement. The 4th generation Galaxy S smartphone has had the spotlight, with tech fanatics testing every facet of the smartphone.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be obtained around the world and when you are wanting to purchase one on your own, you may be interested to determine the way the smartphone works inside a drop test.

samsung galaxy s4 drop test

Within the test, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was dropped from two levels and remarkably or otherwise the brand new Gorilla Glass 3 made it undamaged.

Samsung Galaxy S4 drop test view it on video below

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is postponed in US, because of our prime demand, but stock is anticipated to enhance in a few days. If you’re searching to discover much more about the lately released Samsung flagship smartphone, take a look at the detailed.

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