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How to Recover Deleted Contact on Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 became one of the highly rated smartphones throughout the time of it’s release, and already some of the most powerful and also greatly obtained devices around the world.

Most customers may be different significantly on Samsung S4 to save data files and important business and personal contact info. In case all of your current phone contacts have already been deleted or perhaps missing, there might be distressing effects.


Recover Deleted Contact on Galaxy S4


If you’ve ever had to perform a factory reset or root your Samsung S4, you might run into these problems of losing your contact list. If this reason is the reason, don’t get worried, there are many options for recovering contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4.

Simple Tips  to Recover Deleted Contact on Galaxy S4

  • Recover Galaxy S4 Contacts from Gmail

Assuming that you’ve logged into your Google account before you deleted/lost all the contacts. Google will automatically restore your contacts in your Gmail account. You are able to recover S4 lost contacts just by synchronizing your Gmail with your phone.

  • Galaxy S4 Contacts Backup and Restore

Use Contacts Backup and Restore app (Find and Download Here) to obtain from your contacts loss problems on your Samsung Galaxy S4. For those who have previously performed a backup, all contacts that was on the phone can be restored on your computer or other safe place like mail, cloud, etc. and can be added back to your S4’s memory.

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