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How to Enable Particle Effect Lock Screen on Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be able to running many features of Galaxy S5 , but you absolutely need to root your device. However, you will not get some good features such as the heartbeat monitor, fingerprint security that requires supported hardware. At this time we’ll teach you how to enable Particle Effect lock screen on Galaxy S4 as used by the Galaxy S5. Follow this very simple guide and also you will have a beautiful lock screen effect on your Galaxy S4.

enable particle effect lock screen on galaxy s4

Step by step to enable Particle Effect lock screen on Galaxy S4

  • Install SQLite Editor app from the Playstore and open it.

sql editor

  • From the SQLite editor app, Select the apps category and choose the Settings storage/settings.db.
  • When in there, select System and search for lockscreen. Edit the values of the lockscreen strings, see image below:


  • Double check the values with the above image and save the file.
  • Restart yor Galaxy S4 to take effect.

After restarted, you will  see the beautiful Particle effect on your lockscreen. Even so, don’t change the lockscreen effect after this method because it will bring back to the original settings and you’ve got to follow the complete process once more.

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