Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy S4 Owners. Include Specifications, Price List and Latest News Update

Samsung Galaxy S4 Special Offers on All Canadian Carriers

Additionally the Samsung Galaxy S4 is readily available in Canada, as well as that is distributed all around the country in order to all carriers, both country wide broad and also local versions. As well as wherever is actually competition, there are special offers, and Canadians have got plenty of locations from which to choose their Galaxy S4 smartphone at the cheapest price and also with the actual very best agreement. Or perhaps possibly agreement totally free using some additional advantages. But let’s see the actual carriers who presently hold the newest flagship gadget from Samsung. Well, most people can easily start with the actual big 4 carriers: Bell, Virgin TELUS and Rogers. These hold great special offers as well as are ready to make a great offer specifically if you are an old customer.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Special Offer

Several local carriers contain Fido, Eastlink, Koodo and Videotron. The actual costs variety from $199 Canadian dollars on a three year commitment and can go as high as $700 Canadian dollars when you choose the actual agreement no cost smartphone. This range of costs is usually very normal for brand new high end smartphones which feel Canadian environment, however while I actually said over, there are usually a couple of Galaxy S4 special offers in case you select specific carriers.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Special Offers

Rogers is actually prepared in order to offer you a free Kindle reader Paperwhite 3G when you choose in order to purchase a Galaxy S4 from them with a 3 year agreement. Very good deal when you believe about the actual package you get for just $199 Canadian dollars. Videotron on the actual additional hand, offers a great off agreement offer for the actual Galaxy S4 which usually they have costed this at just $649 Canadian dollars, therefore $51 off the selling price. On a low cost price plan agreement, Koodo is offering the actual Galaxy S4 at $475 although Fido offers the smartphone for $450 on a 2 year agreement.

TELUS offers shown a “Limited Stock” label for Galaxy S4 on their website and the actual shipping is estimated to be between one as well as Two weeks so prepare yourself together with patience is you are expecting in order to get a pre-ordered Galaxy S4 from these

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