Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy S4 Owners. Include Specifications, Price List and Latest News Update


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  • Valerie Gibson

    Why does the word draft show by the time / date on an sms message?

  • mshubert

    I need some help. I was answering my s4 and touched something and now all my pictures and all my screens look like a negative. I have went into my picture settings and there is no effects or anything like that on. I went to the main settings and cant find anything there. please would someone tell me how to get it back to normal. thanks so much.

  • Sharon

    this is ridiculous I am trying to send a question to Samsung and it keeps telling me the code is incorrect I have type 10 different ones exactly as they show and still it is wrong 🙁 why can’t they just give us a phone number to call!

  • Sharon

    I am having the same problem since yesterday Virgin mobile said I needed to back everything up and then reset the phone to factory settings as when they tried with an blocked number my phone rang it is only with numbers in my contacts that will not come through.

  • Sharon

    go into contacts then select the person you want and tap it there is a little pencil shape in the top right corner tap it then go down to bottom of page and you will see add another field one of the choices that comes up is address